Today’s society has become extremely critical and judgmental about everything

Isn’t it true that today’s society has become extremely critical and judgmental of everything?

Despite our freedom, we are now bound in our decision-making by the opinions of others.

There are so many people today who want to do or start something of their own but they don’t.


Because they fear that society might laugh at them.

We just can’t imagine the number of people who dreamt of starting their youtube channel but didn’t because they feared that society will put them down if they committed even a single mistake.

That is why many people simply do not try since they are aware that they will make mistakes and that others would judge and mock them.

People now fear to commit even a honest mistake.

But weren’t we taught in school that making mistakes is fine as long as you learn from them?

Has society become so ruthless that even if you make one mistake, people will attack you from all sides to ensure you lose your sense of self-respect in society?

I know someone who has quit making educational videos because his peers mocked him, claiming he was unfit to teach.

Are the people around you going to dictate what you can and can’t do now?

People nowadays begin to criticize/troll for even the tiniest of mistakes.

People notice and comment on the one bad thing out of a hundred positive things.

Hats off to everyone who defied the odds and started doing something they love despite the fact that they knew many would laugh at them.

People just simply write a hate comment and leave, but they have no idea how much emotional trauma that single comment may cause.

People merely say to ignore such people when asked about a remedy to the situation.

Do you honestly believe it’s that simple to ignore? Is it really that simple to disregard?

Sometimes the issue isn’t with you; rather, it’s with the people around you, and it needs to be addressed.

What can we do to make this culture less critical, allowing people to pursue their passions without fear of being judged?

I feel-

People must learn to be courteous.

People need to allow other people to commit mistakes and not laugh at them. 

People must learn to appreciate the decisions of others.

And, above all, people must learn CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

What do you think can be a good solution?

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