Project-based Paid Internship with Simulegum Legaltech Pvt. Ltd.

***Project-based Paid Internship with Simulegum Legaltech Pvt. Ltd.***

We are looking for 2 interns, one for Criminal Law and one for Constitutional Law, for a project. Details would only be disclosed to the ones selected by us. The work is basic research and drafting(not legal) and the project duration is 15 days.

4th and 5th-year law students are eligible. Exceptional 3rd-year students may be considered. 1st and 2nd-year students are not eligible.

Please submit your CV, a writing sample on the area (constitutional or criminal), and your marks in the selected subject.

1. This is a paid opportunity. 2000 INR per intern.
2. Certificate by Simulegum Legaltech Pvt. Ltd.

This is an outcome-based project. The outcomes would be divided into 4 parts and so would be the stipend.

Rolling applications till the spots last. We shall contact only the shortlisted candidates within 14 days of application.

Link for application:

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