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Research papers were invited from Scholars, Researchers, Practitioners, Academicians, Lawyers, Professionals and Students on any of the issues related to the list of topics covered in the International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity 2021, as mentioned below:-

  1. Cyberlaw Jurisprudential Trends And Challenges
  2. Golden Age Of Cybercrimes – Salient Aspects And Challenges
  3. Why Cyber Security Assumes More Significance In Covid-19 Era?
  4. Splinternet And Connected Issues
  5. Increasing Internet Shutdowns And Digital Liberties
  6. Advances In AI And Connected Jurisprudence
  7. Cyber Security And Vaccine Supply Chains
  8. Critical Information Infrastructure Attacks And Connected Approaches
  9. New Advances In Cyber Security And Connected Aspects
  10. Data Protection During Covid-19 And Beyond
  11. Medical And Health Data In Pandemic – Connected Challenges
  12. Internet Shutdowns – Issues And Challenges
  13. Ethics And Artificial Intelligence
  14. Evaporating Privacy In Digital Ecosystem
  15. Online Education, Pandemic And Challenges
  16. Banking, Financial Services And Insurance (BFSI), Health & Government – Sectors Under Constant Cyber Attacks
  17. Cyber Attacks And Cyber Sovereignty
  18. Evolving Principles And Best Practices Of Cyber Resilience
  19. Data Economy During Covid-19 And Beyond
  20. New Evolving Trends On Darknet
  21. Mobile Apps, Apps Ecosystem And Connected Challenges
  22. Blocking Of Content And Counter-Responses
  23. Artificial Intelligence In Judicial And Governmental Ecosystems
  24. Phishing, Identity Theft And Fraud – Trinity Of New Cybercrimes
  25. Ransomware And Cybercrime-As-A-Service
  26. Cyberspace Norms And Connected Developments
  27. Outerspace, Cyberspace And Related Challenges
  28. Big Data Issues In Today’s Times And Individual Rights
  29. Securing Internet Of Things And Connected Challenges
  30. Corporate Cyber Best Practices
  31. Reviewing Intermediary Liability During Covid-19 And Beyond
  32. Searching For Cyber Peace In Transient Times
  33. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence – Emerging Issues And Challenges
  34. Cyber Safety Norms And Developments
  35. Cryptocurrencies – Regulatory, Legal And Technical Issues & Challenges
  36. Use Of Blockchains In Corporate Sector – Issues & Challenges
  37. Regulating Cybercrime – Ever Expanding Landscape
  38. Cooperation Amongst Law Enforcement Agencies On Cybercrimes And Cyber Security
  39. Cyberspace Diplomacy & New Trends
  40. Right To Be Forgotten Online And Protecting Your Reputation
  41. International Cooperation And Information Exchange On Cybercrimes
  42. National Policies On Cyber Security And Artificial Intelligence And Their Impact
  43. Indian Approach On Cyberspace – Gaps And Way Forward
  44. Fake News In Cyberspace, Deep Fakes And Need For Regulation
  45. Attribution And Internet Jurisdiction – Practical Challenges
  46. Electronic Evidence, Law And New Developments In India
  47. International Cyberspace – Peace And Cooperation
  48. Encryption Approaches – Need For New Technical And Regulatory Directions
  49. Data Breach Notifications And Corporate Liability
  50. 5G, Cyberspace And New Challenges
  51. Social Media Crimes – Issues & Challenges
  52. Online Free Speech And Increasing Restrictions
  53. Enjoyment Of Digital Liberties
  54. Monitoring, Decryption And Surveillance In The Online Ecosystem
  55. Digital Marketing – Issues And Challenges In Today’s Times


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