Greetings from LAWPHILIC!

Hope you’re all well and safe.

We are a new legal website. We are Consistent & committed to providing legal awareness and knowledge via our legal videos, write-ups, posts, and much more. 

This email is to notify you that LAWPHILIC is not only accepting submissions but is also looking to hire volunteers for its website, the link to which is attached below:

Time Period- Minimum 1 month and maximum on convenience of the student.

Stipend – Since we are new website handled by students we are not in a position to pay but definitely we will give you certificates and make sure you learn new skills during the period.

Work Involved- Researching latest legal news, making a poster and uploading.

Process –

The student must email sample work to along with CV showing past experiences in social media handling. If you have any query or suggestion, please email, or reach out to us on our social media handle.

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