Anshuman Patra, Founder of LAWPHILIC answers on how he named his startup?

How did you decide to name your startup as LAWPHILIC?

Anshuman Patra-“Actually many people ask me what LAWPHILIC means? How did I get the idea? Why the tag line of LAWPHILIC is LOVE.LAW?

So, in my 11th and 12th I was in science stream. I always wanted to start something of my own like a startup but I wasn’t able to think of a name. After thorough research I shortlisted 10- 15 names but I wasn’t ever satisfied with these names.


In 11th standard while I was studying a chemistry chapter, I came across two words Lyophilic and lyophobic. Lyophilic means liquid loving (philic means loving) and lyophobic means liquid hating. So I got the idea that since I loved law which is the reason I chose to have a career in it. I decided to name my startup- LAWPHILIC which means Law loving. To match the meaning of the name, I kept the tag line as LOVE. LAW which is similar to LAWPHILIC i.e law loving.

This was the simple story.”

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