Things you need to know before entering into any competition

Firstly,if you have started reading already make sure you read till the end,

Okay? I won’t straight away come to a conclusion but I want you to decide for yourselves about it and also don’t worry I will tell you my perspective as well. Honestly you won’t be able find out by reading few lines of my blog so make sure you read completely because there might be some twist and turns in between. I can’t force you to agree or disagree with me its upto you. So, with that said lets start and let me be clear before you read my blog that I want you to visualise as you read ,please! I always want my blogs to be as interactive and helpful as possible.

So, what comes to your mind when I say the word “Competition”? Some of you might be in school and some might be in college while some doing work . Irrespective of at which stage of life you are, when you listen to this word you think of many people who are working very hard to defeat you. Right? Atleast, if not yours, it comes to few people whom I have asked.

Most of you will agree that in modern day society competition is increasing day by day in every field of life and so if you are going to be a part of the competition then definitely there will be a fear or a kind of worry in your head.

So whats the reason of your stress? The most common reason I can think of is high expectations from others it may be your family or it may be you yourself. These high expectations creates a unknown pressure in mind.

So we will go deeper and deeper into this topic and we will try to understand it totally upto our capacity.

A mind which is already filled with so much pressure and tension how can it think or how can it concentrate on a thing which he has to focus on . Some say that competition brings the best out of them. Yes, it might be true but understand the context when they say that because some might misunderstand it. So, for better understanding let me give you an example.

Imagine you are going to write an entrance test for getting admission into the best colleges. So what will be your preparation be like? Actually, to be honest it totally depends on number of students writing this exam. And number of seats available. If students are less and the seats available are more, than I doubt if everyone are going preparing properly, most of them will not even like to prepare as they might think its not needed because even if they don’t prepare they will enter the college and so they wont even try to prepare for the test. So, it means you are not giving your best as you are not doing anything.

Lets look at another case where the seats are less but students writing the exam are more ,than? Then definitely you have to work much harder then others to outperform them if you really want to join the best college. Then in this situation , you are going to try and work as hard as possible and give your best shot. Right?

So , that’s what they actually mean when they say that competitions brings the best out of them so I hope you understood.

So, in this way competition is good. But everything has its own downside and over here its stress which has become very common among the people nowadays . Why does it stresses us out and how does it effect us? How can we overcome it is main question. So, lets go one by one understand properly and deeply.

First question is why does competitions stresses us out? So if you remember that earlier I said about peer pressure , I said how the high expectations from others and you yourself stresses you out . Here, there are two things to understand, one is understanding your capacity by this I mean that no one can control how the things will turn out in future and its not in our hands. we cannot determine the result(future) but as a human what we can really focus on is the process(present).

Secondly, you yourself understanding the situation clearly. And second point is totally related to the first one. If you totally understand what you can do and what you cannot then things will start to look much clearer . What can you do? You can work and hard and try your level best to prepare as much as you can so that later on you don’t regret that you could have done better. What you cannot do? You cannot control how others think, the hopes and expectations of others. Again what you can do ? you can make them understand, if that’s not possible then again you know the reality so you can ignore that without actually hurting them.

Because remember what others think about us doesn’t really matter that much what matters is what you think about yourselves. If you really worked hard and you are positive then anything is possible. Most important thing is that you have to be honest to yourselves because you can lie to others but not yourselves. If you haven’t work hard then being hopeful is not right.

So woooh!!! I am tired writing ……but don’t worry I wont stop because I am not done yet.

So, how does high expectations impact you ? So, thinking about negative points, it makes you depressed,it gives you time to time anxiety attacks , it makes you feel stressed but to be honest the word depressed says it all.

Thinking about positive points then I think it motivates you to work and helps you prioritize your work and also it tells you about how much hopes do they have from you.

So how can we overcome the stress that competitions brings out with it?

*Be honest with yourselves about your preparation

*Don’t have fake hopes without working hard

*Don’t much rely on your luck , just believe in your hardwork

*Focus on the process and forget about the result. If you do the process right then result will come in your favour.

*Don’t overexpect and underexpect just be positive

*Respect your competitors and their hardwork

And learn to accept things the way they are,if you failed then that’s fine just accept it and move on. If things didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be in the past doesn’t mean your future cant be better. Just believe in yourself and your work.

Someone once said that if you are incompetent and you are in competition then you will feel the stress but if you are competent enough then you wont feel the stress and you will rather enjoy it.

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