Why Do People Discriminate others?

Why do people discriminate ?

Do these people whom they discriminate have a control of how they want to be born or where they want to be born?

Is it totally their choice?

Is it in their control?


Nothing is in their control ,they are just living the life which was given to them and we can’t question their existence.

God has created us. If you are questioning the person it means you are questioning the creation of God.

Imagine if everyone was color blind would there be discrimination on the basis of skin color? No, not at all, Right?

So, if god has given us these beautiful eyes with the ability to see different colors it is because he wants us to see the his beautiful creativity and wants us to enjoy and appreciate the nature and its uniqueness but unfortunately we are misusing it.

Not only eyes humans are misusing everything god has gifted them. Just because people don’t feel pain while cutting their hair, people are cutting their hair and experimenting with different hair styles.

Just imagine if we didn’t feel pain while cutting our body, what styles and experiment would people do with it?

But unfortunately discrimination exists in every form.

And maximum mental health problems in people have started due to this.

For example we can observe that nowadays people worry about how they look a lot because they fear that other person might discriminate or judge him if they don’t look in a certain manner.

People want perfection in everything but they don’t understand that perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection is a myth. There are always some imperfections which makes it more beautiful and unique which people are unable to identify and understand.

In today’s generation, these problem started when people started using filters in their photos and started uploading on their social media platforms.

The other people who see it they feel that it is real and then they feel low about how they look and they start keeping unrealistic hopes and expectations from themselves which doesn’t let them be happy.

Today we lack real people I think that’s the reason why reality show exists because we can’t find it in real world at least we can watch it on TV.

But everything is scripted and nothing is real on TV as well.

So you might question that, then what is real?

Let me tell you, Your existence in this world is real, so make it count and stop aiming for perfection rather enjoy the imperfections you have then I assure you that you will be much more happier than you are now.

Discrimination needs to be stopped in every form

As we all know that now the whole world is dealing with Coronavirus and all the scientist over the world are finding vaccines for it.

I think we need to treat discrimination also like a virus and we need to find a good vaccine for it as soon as possible because if we don’t find a proper vaccine for it then the future doesn’t seem bright.

I don’t want my future generation to face any kind of discrimination and if we want to stop it then we need to stop it from now. We need to take severe steps to stop discrimination against people. We can’t wait for one person to stand against everyone and fight alone. It is a collective effort and the world needs to play as one team and fight against such people who discriminate others.

Think about life of a blind person, who can’t see things, they just feel.

Think about life of deaf and dumb person, they just convey their message through their actions and not by speech.

You should feel privileged that you are able to see, hear and speak. If god has given it you then use it wisely, don’t misuse it.

What hurts me the most is when there is discrimination on the things which we don’t have control off , like skin color, height, voice, face, body, place of birth and everything you can ever think of.

People need to understand that we cannot control what skin color we want or what family we want to be in. We aren’t playing any kind of video game where you can decide your characteristics before starting the game. This is real life.

We don’t have the option of restart like video games. So we need to learn to accept people the way they are. Only this way we can have a bright future ahead.

So let us be the change we want to see in the world.

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