What is A Good Habit That You Should Have?

So one of the ways to become more productive for the rest of your life is to have a fixed waking time.

Try to have a fixed waking time every day — workdays, holidays, weekends, vacations included.

It sounds difficult because every day is different, someday we might have more work and someday less work.

But it’s not impossible.

If you truly want to be productive I feel you should definitely give it a try because if you Wake up at the same time — Weekends, Holidays, Birthdays included then your body and mind will be adjusted to it in such a way that

Regardless of when you went to bed, Your body will eventually let you know if you get too little sleep or much sleep according to which you will get to know how much sleep your body actually requires.

Then you can fix a sleeping time and plan the rest of the day.

If you couldn’t fix a sleeping time, no worries!

Because as days will pass, since you wake up at a fixed time so your body will let you know when to sleep at night.

So doesn’t matter when you slept last night if you have fixed waking time you can always plan your whole day because you already know the number of hours of sleep your body requires.

It means that even if you slept late last night but woke up on fixed time, then although you might be feeling a bit dizzy, but since you already know the number of hours of sleep your body requires, you can plan your day in such way so that you compensate rest of your sleep in free time so that it doesn’t disrupt your sleeping pattern.

One of the toughest things we face on a normal day to day life is to wake up on time. We all know that sleeping is easy but waking up is very tough and irritating.

But if we bring this change in our lives we can become very productive which can be very helpful in future.

So do try this method, I know It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

As the proverb says When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Because as the days will pass we will feel comfortable waking up. So waking up on time which was an issue for us will get solved.

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