Things you need to know before you start writing

Before reading ahead I want you to know the reason I am writing this. It has happened with me lot of times that I write an article or story with lots of efforts but nobody recognises it or nobody appreciates it.

Sometimes it happens that somewhere we read a quote which we felt very heart touching so we shared with others but others didn’t feel the same. So we should not bother much about it and rather we should keep writing.

Because , understand that-

No quotes or content is bad. It’s just that if you are in that situation then you will be able to relate to it and you will feel inspired.

But if you aren’t in that situation you may not find that quote relevant.

Every quote has a deep meaning it’s just that you need to understand the context of what the author wants to convey

It has happened many times with me that some quotes are just so heart touching so I share with people but not everyone shows the same feeling

Because either they are not being able to relate to it or they haven’t been in that same situation to understand.

So, don’t feel bad if you write or share content that you feel is great and inspiring but not necessarily everybody will feel the same

It’s all about the correct timing

Sooner or later when they will go through the same situation then they will understand what you wanted to say

You should be proud of yourself that you are sharing things that inspired you, so that others get inspired too. It shows that you are a good human and you want good for others

Good work never gets unnoticed Just keep writing and sharing good content today or tomorrow people will be able to relate to it

What matters is the intention behind your writing

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