Everything happens for a reason

In the past, there were many days when I wasn’t really happy about the ways things were going in my life.

Most of the time the reason for sadness was me. I wasn’t happy with myself.

I always thought that I wish I could go back in the past and change a few things. But with time I realized that there was no point in regretting what had happened in the past.

But I couldn’t control my thoughts, somehow negative thoughts used to come and my whole day used to go with regret due to which I was never able to focus on things that I should have.

Our society is such that it doesn’t matter you might have done 100 good things and 1 bad thing, the focus is always on that 1 bad thing due to which I started creating unknown pressure on myself and stressed myself.

So to ease out myself from the stress I started going to my house’s balcony just to observe the nature and people.

When I saw nature, the insects, the birds I don’t know for some reason I felt so much relief.

Then I observed the people who were busy — a few driving cars, few driving bikes, a few riding cycles and few were walking.

But none of them were happy, few were rushing to their work with stress of that day and few coming back home with the stress of the next day.

But no one was content which made me ask myself, “What are we doing?”. Because A person who is earning too little isn’t happy neither the person who is earning so much is happy.

With so much negativity around which made me sad again. But afterward, I realized that even I am doing the same thing as others. I am also seeing that 1 bad thing and ignoring the 100 good things.

After which I decided to see the positive side of everything. This actually started making me happier and more content even though there are so many problems.

So I again went to the balcony this time with a positive attitude. So what made me happy was seeing most of the people working selflessly not for themselves but for their family.

Sometimes I question myself that my mom and dad are working day in and day out selflessly for me so that I have a secure future, but what am I doing? This sometimes makes me more motivated that I should do something which makes them proud and happy, it has become the aim of my life.

JUST REMEMBER EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. You might not understand it now but later in life when you look back then you will see that those were the connecting dots of your life which has helped you in shaping as a human.

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